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You whose name is so beautiful

Too many days and nights

put fire at the sky

with twilight fires  to light the world,

or the walnut tree in the shade,

without never seeing you,

wandering among the men, with a smile

who is not veiled

by a dark war !


Alas, how much days,

how much nights, will remain you to flower
tombs of the innocent victims of their madness,

by finding there refuge crying your impotence?

You, for of which only thirst being to be cherished,

everywhere on this Earth,

 by the human ones larger

in the division, the love

and the fraternity&


O You, white dove with the wings of tenderness !



Johanne Hauber-Bieth (November 2001)

Price of the Dove of Peace - Valley of Huveaune ( France ) 2002  

 Johanne Hauber-Bieth

Money Art-Science-Letters medal
Price Maurice Rollinat 2003
Prize winner and member, or member, of the principal academies or
French poetic companies, prize winner and member of much of literary
and artistic associations, in France and abroad, Johanne, poet by nature,
opened his shutters on the world in 1949, in Strasbourg (France).
Self-educated executive secretary, his first tests for the account and
the tale also were several times rewarded.


"When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power, the World Will Know Peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix

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