Peace Song : The World is at Peace - A Dream
Lyrics : Christopohe Barbey - Switzerland
Arrangement & Keyboards : M. Imran Behleem - Pakistan
Original Composition Sung, Produced & Directed by
Muhammad Iqbal Behleem for StarLight Harmonuy Music Inc

Peace Song The World is at Peace , A Dream

The music of this peace song is composed and sung by Muhammad Iqbal Behleem using Christophe Barbey lyrics from Switzerland.

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Peace song - The World is at Peace  A Dream

The world is at peace !

All weapons of threat, aggression or defence,

All weapons have been laid down.

All nations walk hand in hand,

 as one humanity !

The world is at peace .....

All people care not to grow outnumbered

And to live in harmony !

Every person fulfils her life with joy,

And ever-growing love !

The Earth is restored !

The world is at peace .....

Christophe Barbey is  the Coordinator of APRED, the "Association for non-militarization". This NGO undertakes peace research and peace development if the fields of non-militarization, demilitarisation, the human rigth to peace, peace policies and peace zones. Christophe Barbey is specialized in the study and advocacy for the 27 countries of the world living without armies. He also works on the integration and implementation of human rights, of the human right to peace and to input direct democracy into peace processes.He works as a lawyer and a mediator.

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