World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2007
62 Artists from 22 Countries  Praying for Peace Together .

The music for this peace prayer is composed by
J Michele Bodine from USA, 21 Sept. 2007

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I am making peace songs with all my friends from around the world as one of my projects to promote peace through music.

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Voice & Music J Michele Bodine
recorded at
StarLight Hamorny Music Studio Hawaii-USA

World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2007
141 Artists from 34 Countries Praying for Peace Together   

Peace ! Ukuthula! Salaam! Shalom! Vrede! Shanti! Ixolo! Pax! Pace!

World Prayer for Peace by all Artists 2007
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In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful: Guide us on the straight way, the way of those whom thou has blessed. Help us so that we do not transgress the bounds of what is right and lawful. Take us out of deep darkness into light. Make us not bear burdens which we have no strength to bear. Help us bring about mutual affection and understanding between us. Grant us Thy forgiveness and blessings, O Our Sustainer, for with thee is all journeys end. GREAT GOD, DO CREATE INOUR INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE MINDS A PERMEATING AND OVERRIDING ATTITUDE OF PEACE! I am giving PEACE a chance.  This means JUSTICE, LOVE and KINDNESS, in my thoughts, in my writings, in my words, in my eyes, in my actions, in my hands, in my soul and in my heart.  For the war is not only around me, but perhaps trapped... in my words, in my eyes, in my actions, in my hands, in my soul and in my heart. Peace begins with one spark, it all begins with YOU and I. We want to live with peace and spread peace. Oh Allah bless us with your blessings for a whole new world with peace and no sufferings... and with love We want to live with peace. Allah Give Us Peace May My voice be a strong element in the promotion of peace….. Art is Blessing… and let’s use this blessing for the peace and love for mankind Footsteps towards peace.. And let’s start from now… Salam-Lets help the suffered one and serve a helping hand…. From the hearts and soul serve the people with love and peace… May the Highest Truth of Who We Are, our True Nature, come into expression in our daily lives with ever-expanding power and glory to bless us all! May understanding open our hearts and love guide our steps as we put into practice the eternal truth of Oneness and allow the power of Divine Grace to guide and transform us all! Peace and love to all Peace everywhere is my dream Let’s do hard work and devote our life to this devoted humanity and our beloved mother land, this world…  Serving the nature and helping the people is our need in this world Yes We Need Peace…Peace lives in our hearts and souls.. Arts and Peace are tools for strengthen the World…… Lets recover the losses of emotion and tears…. Asalam-o-Alikum (Peace Be Upon You) Salaaam and ShantiHopes leads us to the things that we think are impossible… But Peace Is a Hope and IS POSSIBLE Hearts, Love, Peace, Life for Everyone.Peace to all ……. Peace is our desire May Allah help us all.Peace lives in our hearts and souls.. We want to spread peace in the whole world  O Allah! Give us the Power to Spread Peace in the world Father, Mother, God we thank you for your blessed love and presence. We ask you to give all the world that which we need most - love and peace - touching all human souls, animals and the environment. So be it, in Gods Name Please help our world's peoples to understand that there is no "us and them" but rather that we are truly all one, humans on this earth. When we kill the other it is the same as if we killed are own mother or father, son or daughter, husband, wife or friend.  Help us to stop our warring ways - the time for peace is now. Let hatred be turned into love, fear to trust, despair to hope, oppression to freedom, occupation to liberation, that violent encounters may be replaced by loving embraces, and peace and justice could be experienced by all. Almighty God! We ask for your forgiveness, O God Source of Life, Creator of Peace. . .Help Your children, anguished and confused, To understand the futility of hatred and violence And grant them the ability to stretch across Political, religious and national boundaries So they may confront horror and fear By continuing together In the search for justice, peace and truth. . . . With every fiber of our being We beg You, O God, To help us not to fail nor falter.Lord God our prayer at this moment is that you add your support to our efforts, that you show yourself as a tower of strength in those moments when the barriers seem impassable. Together we can become beacons of hope for just and peaceful societies in the land so very dear to the peoples of your covenant. In the Name of God, The Everlasting Merciful, The Cherisher Of the Worlds and Worthy of all Praise, Our Lord: You have created us from a single (pair) of a male And a female and made us into Nations and Tribes that we may Know one another (not that we may despise each other) so Help us to love each other and take the hatred and anger from our Hearts Two peoples, one land, Three faiths, one root, One earth, one mother, One sky, one beginning, one future, one destiny, One broken heart, One God. We pray to you: Grant us a vision of unity. May we see the many in the one and the one in the many. May you, Life of All the Worlds, Source of All Amazing Differences Help us to see clearly. Guide us gently and firmly toward each other, toward peace.   O God of peace, make everyone of us agents of your peace, O God. Forgive us our indifference and stamp out the prejudices that lead to hatred. Fill us with the reconciling spirit of your presence. O God. Forgive us our indifference and stamp out the prejudices that lead to hatred. Fill us with the reconciling spirit of your presence. Let Peace live in our inside to spread later to every human being God of All, let us be instruments of peace, May we realize that we already have all the tools to end injustice, hunger, and poverty. Let's realize the ONE beautiful Gaia that it is still waiting for us to WAKE UP! Let's enjoy this beautiful planet with the music of diversity...PAZ, Be the difference, stay the difference and pray for all the differences in the world! As soon as we can finally be happy about them - peace will come! I pray for peace in 2007 to come directly from the spirit realm I pray all will cast of selfishness and pride and start to walk side by side we are all together as humanity as one so let us have peace with all and each one I pray for peace to dwell in our hearts each individually is where it starts.  Peace is the only answer, Listen to the song of the Mermaid, Eternal Mother Sea, Woman in blue Love becoming Bird of Paradise, a song of Love and Peace, Happiness in Equality, Respect for our Alter Ego, Freedom, Respect for our ecology ... a song for all what our heart can dream ... May we live peacefully with acceptance for ourselves, and for those around us.  Let the sun shine on those who need warmth, and let the rainfall for those who need water.  Dear Lord, meet all of our needs, so we can spread the good news, and the bounty of your blessings for coming to this earth, showing us the way to live in peace and harmony, bliss and ecstasy.  Hallelujah All live in peace people perceiving that other people and nature are like themselves and all together can create a unique and beautiful thing, on interacting with respect and love, and with that living in peace.  This little planet is a live creature, part of us on the ground and soul too, with its invisible substance. Let's deserve it, let's love it. 'Cause we are all the one, the earth. Never before were necessary to do as serious changing as now. as right now. This little planet where we live is asking help. It's live. So, each one of us think, we need one another, the things really can change. Let's change the world for a better place to live. Let's do it together! May we realize the sweetness of peace oh Lord May we see the light of peace Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Peace, Peace, Peace I wish that people would be able to look inside their hearts and love themselves deeply, and then be able to look into others hearts and see that love there. We are all connected by love May the world and all its inhabitants feel the love and peace that are God given.  May we magnify this love and peace through our own thoughts, prayers and actions in all we do. Thank you sacred being PEACE - NO MORE WAR !!!  NOW AND FOR EVER MORE !! Peace, our hearts and our souls have no boundaries.
Let respect be our heart and prayers be our soul .Let love be our passion and harmony be our goal Let peace be our half and peace be our whole. May there be peace on earth and may it begin with us! always extant, waiting for each of us.  Demand peace for life, love and beauty every day, everywhere, for everyone.  When we are willing to welcome the stranger, when we are willing to become the stranger, then we will have peace, and then there will be no strangers, only people we haven't yet met! God/Allah/Yahweh is always talking to us, but are we talking to one another. May their be deep listening to one another and the directed intention of peace resound throught the cosmos, including planet earth. May all seeds of violence and woundedness within and without each being be dissolved with each breath we take in the name of whomever we call spirit, God, Allah, Alaha, Allahat, peace in the water; the water of our bodies and the water of the planet. God is One.  God's Creation is One.  May we remember that how we think about, feel about and treat anyone, we will think about, feel about and treat everyone, including ourselves. God Bless Us, Everyone! May the Highest Truth of Who We Are, our True Nature, come into expression in our daily lives with ever-expanding power and glory to bless us all! May understanding open our hearts and love guide our steps as we put into practice the eternal truth of Oneness and allow the power of Divine Grace to guide and transform us all! May Joy and Peace Reign in the Heart of all Humanity now and forever May each find the One in themselves and themselves in the One. I pray that we will love the beautiful blue world we saw in space so much that we will everything in our power to bring about peace. War hurts our planet and all creatures living on it. May Love and Gratitude permeate the darkness of War! Our arms open wide to receive love/our hearts filled with joy for our fellows/Cries of pain for the future now hopeful/Peace always. May God hear my prayer for Peace and give me strength to take action first on myself so I can become peaceful in thought and deeds. May my peace reflect justice, equity and honesty. Give me the strength to expose lies and injustices and be able to differentiate between lies and truth injustice and justice.  Allow me see when a person is sincere and see the one whose heart is insincere. For this inner peace will be my shield that will protect me against an onslaught of anger and hatred.  Protect me against the "Evil eye" and those who wish me harm and strengthen those whose eyes are gentle and kind.   This is my wish and my prayer for all those who are sincere and take action from the heart in the name of Peace.  Protect me against those who talk peace and mean war, for they are deceivers and war mongers. Please help make every human being sing and laugh again. Please let them feel the never ending love, the only force able to create enduring nature and enduring life. Please help developing all souls. May we stop, and look into each other’s. Really look, and see what is beyond the skin... the common soul of light looking for its way home. May the oppressed see their potential inside and stand on their feet to bring out their internal happiness and spread it into the society around them. Together, with the same heart in different bodies, let us ensure to become to it peaceful and peaceful generations to come by our behavior at the present.  May the OMNIPOTENT POWER OF LOVE AND LIGHT awaken from within each and every Son and Daughter of LOVE.  May the Christos be actualized in mass all over Mother Earth so that each Priest and Priestess shall again walk like Enoch and Adam for the healing of the human race and this beautiful planet.  And may the Powerful Force of Unconditional LOVE and Nonjudgmental pour down upon Mother Earth and wash away all hatred, pain, poverty, war, and suffering. Peace for the children from all around the World! Peace every day in our hearts and souls!Peace is love for the own self and others. The Children, the women, the men, the neighbors, the souls, the animals, the clouds, the wind, the sun, the world. Let us strive for peace with our whole person. And as we will become more and more a part of that what we know better and love more strongly, we will win peace at the end. Peace for the Heart - Peace for the Soul! Let universal peace prevail at every nook and corner of the planet earth.  Let every one of us have love and concern towards all, devoid of caste, creed, race and religion.  Its me who never think of taking revenge against other. I teach this to my children. Let love help all of us to train up next generation .Its not proper to use violence over them to teach them to be a good citizen. This year, I pray, we live for love. Let's all say no to war! When millions observed silence, and thousands protested against war, we spoke one language! When we volunteered and collected blood, all religions mingled in our arteries and veins!
When guns were consigned to fire and hands were joined in unity, poverty ended, tears vanished!
When leaders united with the commoners and sang together 'World is One', peace returned! Let peace be the breathe and it will fill the hall of Earth. And all will be well with peace to brace the Grace heart. Peace recess in the heart and endows bond of love and the strength to live together. Peace is the light to see others face and to forgive others peace will follow us. IMAGINE PEACE I pray God to make all the people understand each other. A language of peace like Esperanto is necessary for that. Peace means to shake together themselves the hand and to look at themselves in the eyes in the awareness of an authentic desire of friendship. Peace Morning/Peace Night/Peace Sleep/Peace Dreams/Peace Awakening/Peace Second/Peace Minute/Peace Hour/Peace Day/Peace Week/Peace Month/Peace Year/Peace Decade/Peace Century/Peace Millennium/Peace Future Peace with Everything, Everything with Peace PLEASE. Paix/ Paz / THIS MY message of “peace on earth” in the first sentence of the Art: “Peace on earth, which all men of every era have most eagerly yearned for, can be firmly established and sustained only if the order laid down by God be dutifully observed. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred -- let me show love. Where there is injury -- pardon. Where there is doubt -- faith. Where there is despair -- hope. Where there is darkness -- light. Where there is sadness -- joy. Peace is what we can be Peace is the voice of humanity Calling out from within Peace is not threatening Peace is not exclusive Peace is not you or me Peace is you and me .Sound serenity, natural strength and pure intent, in peace, gentle achievements of peace. All humankind are linked like ruby grains in a blossoming pomegranate, and peace can bring joy, prosperity and friendship to all the human grains ...  Sustain together in undiminished hope, O God of hope, those who continue to labor with undiminished determination to build peace in the land from which, of old, out of brokenness, violence and destruction, nevertheless hope emerged for so many of faith. . . .Bless all the spiritual seed of Abraham together with the light of your Presence. For in the light of your Presence we have found a way of justice and mercy and a vision of Peace. We praise you O God, Giver of Peace, who commands us to Peace.  I entreat you to set mankind on the path of love and laughter And to grant me the wisdom to live my life According to Your Will. Place words of praise on my pen - I am a willing tool - But distance me from prejudice and pride  May we experience Love & achieve World Peace I pray for each human being to develop the greatest courage, wisdom and compassion possible, and for the human capacity for dialogue to bloom towards world citizenship 21st Century is the Century of Art and Peace THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL, ARTISTS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! May Allah Shower the blessings of peace to everyone…. As we seek peace, Justice we must seek God believing that he is the one who have a perfect plan. Leaning on him will be strong refuge to all especially who are poor and being abandoned, isolated, discriminated and oppressed. That we may response to God's plan to be one, all of humanity whatever the status faith, culture, tradition, country that he/she have. That we must listen to the voiceless and to be with them. Many people who are longing for love and acceptance. God help us to understand you and your will may your presence will be our guide and protection. Enlighten our mind and show your power that you are the Alpha and Omega the creator of heaven and the earth. May we found your favor and your peace in all humanity. I pray for peace in each and everyone. May we find hope in our hearts and realize that we can be channels for peace if we believe so. And that peace is not impossible in this world. Dear Lord and Father of all Children, we ask you to help establishing Peace in our Time. Amen.  Peace generates peace. That's the only way to heal our collective karma Namaste When we will look around, we will see the results of our actions. We will look than down, with deep sadness of how much affliction and sorrow affects the world. We will look than up, to the Highest, and will ask the end of all calamities and wars. We will begin to accomplish that prayer right now, by giving each other cordial greetings and shaking hands friendly, and blessed by the assistance of the Highest, we will send thoughts of serenity in all the corners of the Universe, with the sincere wish that all the evil may end. May Peace Prevail on Earth!  I pray and act for people to become CONSCIOUS for creating their destiny and LOVE and FEEL the legend for transforming the world into a New Earth here and now. The song of love and peace start in your heart.
Sing for your sister. Sing for your brother and we will all sing together the universal song of love and peace
Make people understand that it´s important to pray but it´s important to also DO ad think  good things
Peace upon us! We must work for peace. It is not easy but it is possible. Just try it! God bless you Oh God, May you let Peace, harmony and tolerance prevail all over the world May Peace prevail on Earth! Forget about the trouble which is manmade, accept the easy option as peace in this world peace day and respect every one as the best life as human being as much as you can to keep busy with love and peace. Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure. May Peace Prevail On Earth May Peace be in our Homes and Countries May all our Divine missions be accomplished in order for peace to prevail on earth. We thank all our Guardians and Angels for their Guidance. Heavenly Father, I pray for peace for the world over, where there is hate in the heart of man, let it be replaced with Love & good will thy will be done. Let there be peace. Let there be justice. Let there be understanding. Then all else is possible. When we come from unconditional love in our heart, we create and experience peace in our world. Oh could we learn to follow the flag hung by angel hands?  In the Cathedral of the Universe, it flies 'cross every land.  And if we lift our eyes to the sun, the moon, the stars, then might we see the ancient truth- in spirit we are one! 2007 is the Year of Light.  All are invited to tune in to receive and retransmit the Light into their environment.  Meditate, Pray, and Just Do It!  GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes. Life is a dance and breath is a song may we dance and may we sing for peace. I pray for assistance for the souls that live in fear, hatred, starvation, sickness, to become enlightened beings on this planet earth. I pray that their hearts and ours become one in the higher realms of consciousness to live in love and peace as intended to be. I pray for the release of all their Karmic debts, for that some day we may all be joined in reunion with you heavenly Father. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I pray that we all choose peaceful means to end conflict. We are the change, we are peace. May all live in peace I pray for people to be more honest and loving. Peace to all, light to all, love to all. My peace prayer is that our maker bring us together as one, to enjoy peace and prosperity, as He intended for all mankind to have. Dear Holy Spirit of Light and Peace,   We come in humility today and with true gratitude for all the gifts that you bring us in Love. We want to remember with all our hearts that YOU DO WILL that we live in peace and harmony with all our brothers and sisters everywhere.  We want to remember with great love that Your Holiness truly lights up the world in harmony, now.  May Peace be a constant Thought in every mind rejecting evil and producing Happiness, Harmony and Light wherever we are. Peace, Peace, Peace for Ever. I pray for a revival of peace and love.  I pray life gets us down to keep our eyes up above.  I pray for charity from those who can give.  I pray for God's power to teach the downtrodden to live. May the Spirit of Peace be felt in every breath we take.  May Peace Prevail on Earth. I give thanks for all those working to create a better, more peaceful world. I pray that we will be blessed with the vision, courage and determination to make the culture of peace a reality within our own lives and that together we can shift humanity into a new age of peace. May others have compassion with others and within themselves and see that it is not so hard to make changes in this world that we all share. Thank you for giving us a new day each day to share with each others and share our talents and lives  Let's start our day and end our day by saying out loud  I AM ONE WITH ALL THAT IS! This is a prayer for  balance. We do not die For peace It's not God's will For man to kill For peace Hear what is true Inside of you It's Peace Say no to war Forever more - For Peace Peace Yes! War No! Together we will make it so. Dear Allah give us understanding to Love each other and solve our problems with talks not wars, Help us out we need your help And finally Dear Allah, help us to bring forth the qualities of our souls into our hearts, minds and actions, only then can we all create peace and love for everyone. Help us to strengthen our connection with you and bless us with your divine grace, Love, Global Peace, Happiness, Prosperity, and good health.

Amen so it is and it shall always be…….


Ammar Banni-Poet/Writer/
Univesal ambassador of peace

Susana Roberts--poet/writer
Maria Cristina Azcona-Poet-
Research Writer-Universal Peace Ambassador
Maria Eloisa Ragozzade Mandrini,
Pehuajo-Provincia IFLAC Argentina 
Maria Elena Lopez Vinader -
President Music Therapist for Peace

Simon M. Jonas Innsbruck, Novelist, Poet

Mike Yates-Tamworth Australia-comp technician

Guido Vermeulen-Belgium, Brussels-
Friour Network Magazine

Liza Leyla Brussels-Belgium-
Poet /Love Ambassador

Jill Karlin Aerts- Belgium,Gent-Artist

William A.- Brasil & Andara Artist
Flavia Fernandes - Brasil-Florianis-Artist
Paulo de Lima Xandó Baptista- Brazil, Brasília-Painter and Musician

Gabriela Aguero- Winnipeg, Canada-artist
Zia Shahid-Canada/Pakistan-Geologist
Hollis Klein-Montreal, Canada-Artist-Teacher
Jeannette de Nazareth-Canada-Peace Artist
Claude Veziau-Canada,
Riviere-a-Pierre-songwriter, composer
Winona Baker -Canada -Poet
Taylore Bailey  Fort Macleod, Canada Mother
Jeff Shantz Vancouver, Canada Teacher
Celine Leduc-Montreal Quebec Canada-Writer artist

Margaretha Latzke/Kohlschütter- Deutschland- Artist

Yasmine El Rifai Cairo, Egypt-Educator

Lida Sherafatmand- Malta/France-Artist

Crequieguy-Venissieux/France-Poet Ghana
Alexander Kofi Washington-Ghana West Africa, Accra-Founder/Musician/JAH KINGS

Dimitris P. Kraniotis-Larissa, Greece-Poet, Writer, Medical Doctor, President of World Poets Society (W.P.S.)

Ulrike M. Dierkes-Germany - Stuttgart-M.E.L.I.N.A Inzestkinder/Menschen Frankfurt am Main-Germany
Ulrike M. Dierkes- Deutschland Stuttgart-Germany


Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, India-Poet
Maitreyee Bardahn Roy. Kolkata-India-Artist
R.K.Singh-Dhanbad, India- Professor
Nowsheen Hyderabad, India
Dr. Leo Rebello - Bombay,
India Author, Poet and World Peace Envoy
N.Karthikeyan Osho Chennai,
India Poet, Editor World Poetry Press

Gruppo Sinstetico- Torreglia Padova Italy-Artist
Renato Corsetti  Palestrina, Italy  teacher
Pierpaolo Limongelli-Italy - Monopoli-Artist -
Federico II Eventi
T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen-Italy-Albagnano di Bee- Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation
Caterina Davinio 
Roberto Scala

Michael Holmboe-Norway-Director IFLAC, Scandinavia

Wang Feng Ng Singapore-Music therapist


Barbey Christophe-Flendruz, Switzerland-Poet

Dr.Ada Aharoni  Haifa Israel IFLAC Director
Amen Rabbi Herbert Bronstein Northshore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL
Katherine Shabat -Israel / Ganei Tikva Poet/Writer


Peter Bentley - Ambassador for Peace, VP & Director for Environmental Protection,
International Association of Educators for World Peace


Dr.Olivier Urbain Tokyo Japan Research Fellow, Toda Institute

Govinda Azas-Kathandu, Nepal Painter/Artist

Ad Breedveld  Netherlands, Groningen Art*Colony*Veenhuizen


Clarius Ugwuoha- Nigeria- Engineer/ Traditional Ruler


Sana Kayenat Artist
Hina Kehkashan  ,Artist
Allauddin Bandali-Karachi-Multimedia Artist
Zakir Aziz-Artist -Karachi Pakistan
Farida Khatoon-Poet 
Asif Rana-poet
Sajjad Khan- Artist-Karachi Pakistan
Maiza Khan- teacher-Karachi Pakistan
Sadiq Zafar-poet-Karachi Pakistan
Sumera Zafar-poet-Karachi Pakistan
Kausar Hayat-artist-Karachi Pakistan
Rehma Bakhtawar-teacher-Karachi Pakistan
Salma W Karim- Social Worker-Karachi Pakistan
Rubab - poet-Karachi Pakistan
Hanif  Khan- writer -Karachi Pakistan
Anjum Sarmad-artist-Karachi Pakistan
Zahid Siddiq- Teacher-Karachi Pakistan
Fiza- Artist-Karachi Pakistan
Aamir Sajjad- Army Officer-Karachi Pakistan
Aisha  Shafiq- Poet-Karachi Pakistan
Shakira Rehmat Ali - Artist-Karachi Pakistan
Shariq -Graphic Designer-Karachi Pakistan
Saqib Rahim-Arts Teacher-Karachi Pakistan
Yousuf Mizaj- Musician-Karachi Pakistan
Rahim A. karim- Artist-Karachi Pakistan 
Saima Rehman- Artist-Karachi Pakistan
Kanwal Riaz-Artist-Karachi Pakistan 
Hina Azmat Ali-Artist-Karachi Pakistan


Joey Rendon Philippines- Manila- Manila Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Meg Villanueva-Bacolod City, Philippines
Jan N. Malde Manila, Philippines-Retired ship's officer

Pedro Oliveira-Portugal - Oeiras-Dolphins Defender.

Tatomir Ion-Marius- Romania,
Sighetu Marmatiei- World Peace Prayer Society

Nina Goncharova -Russia-Artist

Monika Lilja-Sweden-Artist for Peace
Margareta Österberg Sweden UN-group

Mois Stankowich-Castelldefels Teacher

Peter Lukwiya-Uganda-
Uganda Peace Foundation Initiative.

United Kingdom

Sadhu Sadher Poet and Visionary


John McConnell
The man who started EARTH DAY
and The Earth Trustee Idea-USA
Fumi Johns Stewart- San Francisco, CA, USA -
The World Peace Prayer Society
Peg Darrow-U.S.A Scottsdale- Artist
Steve Suffet  New York City USA, Folk musician

Harold W. Becker-Tampa, FL USA-
President/The Love Foundation
Frances Key-Jacksonville,
Florida, USA-Artist
Johnni Zanni - Yoga Student
Phil Chavez-Torrance,Ca USA-Artist
Luiza Brown-Gardiner ME USA-Mail Artist/Poet
Carol MIller- WinterSprings-USA- Artist
Marit Erland Sutliffe-USA,Counselor/Cartus
Hippie Rick-Fort Worth, TX / USA-Assembler / Poet
Chiquita Biddle-USA Bellwood-Student
Jill Karlin Butler- USA Artist/Yoga Instructor
Stephen R Hannon-USA Holbrook, MA
Maryann  Moon-USA, Santa Barbara, CA-student
Jacob Rhythmic Dragon-Ashland, USA-Galactic Research Instituteof the Foundation for the Law of Time
Kathy Ward-USA, Spain, Venezuela-
Universal Peace Ambassador
Araken Barbosa-USA
Tony West-Irving TEXAS U.S.A
Monica Willard- USA-American Spiritual Activist
Lisa M Friedrichs-United States-Entertainment
Sandra,united states,respiratory therapist/ investor
Glenna Mayer-Florida, USA -singer, songwriter,
Joel Landy-United States,
Kew Gardens-Songs of Freedom Television
David & Barbara Lorenz-Hillsboro,
Missouri Reiki Masters
Leigh Golterman, New York City
Activist Entrepreneur, Peace Please
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Chicago, IL
Abdelwahab Hechiche University
of South Florida
, Tampa, FL
Rabbi H. Rolando Matalon
Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York, NY

Reverend John T. Pawlikowski,
OSM Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL
Dawud Ahmad Assad Council of Mosques, USA, New York, NY
Rabbi Sheila Weinberg Jewish Community of Amherst, Amherst, MA
The Reverends Harry and Judith Hoehler First Parish (Unitarian-Universalist), Weston, MA
Amen.Mian Ashraf  New England Islamic Center, Sharon, MA
Marcia M. Winter Redmond, Washington-Spiritual teacher, healer, reader
Patti B USA-Los Altos CA-artist, theater costumer
Kathleen Pouls-United States, Santa Cruz-Healing Arts
Rabia Naeem Artist-USA

Ann-USA, Kula-Office Manager
Zois Capital District USA artist
Ruth Broyde-Sharone Los Angeles, CA. USA Filmmaker, interfaith activist
Marge Lanthier USA Gaithersburg.
Cynthia Parrish USA Los Angeles artist
Robb Tracy,Whitter, CA  USA, Actor/Writer/Songwriter
Kevin Reid-City of Angels, USA- Sacred Songwriter/Light, Love, & Power Records

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Mr. JOHN McConnell
"The Man Who Started Earth Day
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Former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations

World Peace Foundation-Italy
Founder of World Peace Foundation
Gabrielle Simond Présidente
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United Religions Initiative-USA
United Nations NGO Representative

ESTB 1970 - Oslo Norway  HAROLD .W. BECKER
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WEL, World Elder Land-Maryland-USA
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AFM PEACE A Friendly Message of Peace - Canada
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Altai Republic (Russia)

Planet 3000 Russia
Bilingual Poets and Writers
for Peace-Argentina

IFLAC : International Forum for the
Literature and Culture of Peace- Israel

Galactic Research Institute of the
Foundation for the Law of Time-USA

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World Prayer for Peace 2009
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World Prayer for Peace 2008
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World Prayer for Peace 2007
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World Prayer for Peace 2006
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World Prayer for Peace 2005
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