World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2005
62 Artists from 22 Countries  Praying for Peace Together .

The music for this peace prayer is composed by
J Michele Bodine from USA, 21 Sept. 2005

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World Prayer for Peace by All Artists-2005
62 Artists from 22 Countries  Praying for Peace Together


Prayer - 2005

May Allah! Heal this world and give Us Peace, Let each human being shine with joy and creativity, Nam myoho renge kyo!, May God Almighty grant us the wisdom of Peace, Give us peace based on justice to heal the past and build the future, We belong to one another, so let peace reign!, Provide our children with the awareness and tools that they need to become thoughtful, active and peaceful citizens. Please grant us peace ,dignity, freedom and good health for all !,Like clouds, peace dreams never sleep, May God give peace to the broken hearted and lonely people of the world and help us stand strong together, May we always have Good thoughts, Good words, and Good deeds. Humata, Huktha, Havarashta! (Good thoughts, words and deed), May the life force inside each of us be awakened to share joy and happiness with all. Humanity on Earth, all together for the good of all! May you know that you ARE THAT which you are seeking. Peace is your very own nature, May the light of healing fill the earth with its love meeting away all anger. Shinning blessings, sparkling new day! May we hold our hearts so full of joy at the beauty of Creation that we have nothing but joy to give!, May we grow to see that we are one entity, and that to harm one part is to harm the whole. May we understand that we are as stones falling into a pond, creating ripples that affect all living things, Only then shall we strive to send forth only ripples of peace and goodwill, Make all our leaders out there listen, as we the people want peace, please, God loves each one of us as though there were only one of us; let all of us experience that Love and then share it, one with the other, Peacefulness Beneath Me, Peacefulness Above Me, Peacefulness Within Me All Around Me Peaceful, Allah !! Please help those who are in need, please spread fragrance of love every where among all humans, spread shining of peace every where in world, Peace is always ours; awaiting our acceptance. May Peace be your constant companion and may Love and Laughter your gift to the world, Mani na Mapendo Duniani (Love and Peace in World),Dear God, as St-Francis many years ago said, make each and all of us an Instrument of Your PEACE. Namaste&,in the precious name of Yeshua I pray: Let me be the example of peace: Put the words in my mouth to lift others who hear me, let my actions be blessings, and let peace encompass me to spread contagiously. A peace wave is rolling over the ocean : I hear its song of love and creativity, May my art be again more violent and chaotic...only my artworks, but please God take away violence and chaos from the world, please put violence and chaos in my art...take them away from the world... ,May the sunshine on the people who struggle every day, looking for peace and love in their hearts, May the youth shoulder the future with justice, friendship and joyful songs in their hearts - Nam myoho renge kyo!,Peace P for People E for Everywhere, A for Act for C for Compassionately Towards Earth, Peace is a Process, May we all realize that the space between us is sacred and that each of us is responsible for creating peaceful possibilities, We would have to make something more than request for peace...!Let us all, in our own way, pray, or want, or desire for every man That he would have the things he needs: Peace, Bread and Roses,P(assion) E(nergy) A(ction) C(ommunication)E(motion) - it should be more then an idea....!,May Peace be our Gift to Our Children, Peace is the seed of evolution - the garden of flowers that nurture my heart and show me how to love and also how to forgive, May we cast only stones of peace into the oceans of life, sending ripples of goodwill to all living things, May we as a human family overcome the darkness of violence with gratitude for the gift of life and creation, Light a candle. Let the dancing flame give witness to the love we share. And then blow your peace out into the world, Let each of us simply open our hearts to ourselves, to the joyful rhythm of the universe, and to all the people we meet. Let us open our mouths and have the courage to speak the truth. And let us open our ears and listen to each other. May peace be manifested now on earth, May we come to understand that our bodies are, indeed, worthy vehicles for our spirits. May there be song where there is now only suffering. May there be music where there is now only misery. May there be true peace where there is now only the nightmare of war and injustice. If you are happy and not afraid of this then do something helpful and nice for someone his is, my thoughts and desires apply for writing humans. May their sentences the peace of the heart serve Many, May the children of human kind learn the wisdom of our green Mother the Earth, Love and Peace should rule the world and all of us will sing these words over and over again......Nam myoho renge kyo,Healers ARISE!!! NOW for All Humanity sake in the name of Brotherly LOVE, PEACE and UNITY!! AHO, ASHE, and AMEN! O Lord, Shower The World With Your Blessings Of PEACE & LOVE.Allah, bless this world with Peace. Let our peaceful protest carry to the world the words of danger first spoken by the shadows of the flowers burned into the walls of Hiroshima. Mitakwe oyashin  for all my relations, Allah Grant Peace for every Human every individual, and every nation. Amen. Peace is living and giving life. There is no way to peace, PEACE IS THE WAY, Let me be the example of peace: Put the words in my mouth to lift others who hear me, let my actions be blessings, and let peace encompass me to spread contagiously. May God bring peace to the people who are suffering throughout the world and may he send heros to rescue them, May peace live in our hearts May peace live upon our earth May greed be turned to giving May we celebrate each and every birth, May we always remember who we truly are, May peace, love, and compassion fill the heart of every sentient being. Great Mother Earth, let us suckle peacefully at your breast, and know that we are loved and safe, Let our children and each and every one of us remember that When all is said and done God is good and so we should always try to be that too..., Please Lord, and Spiritual Beings - help us to bring about the Age of Aquarius, the Thousand Years of Peace, as soon as possible, so that Peace and Love can take the place of War and Hate, and the terrible suffering of millions of beings will be relieved. allow us the compassion to recognize ourselves in "the Other", the wisdom to embrace the Oneness of Being, and the mindfulness to be peace at each moment in its wholeness --that we may be emptied of hindrance, fear, and hatred, and filled with a deep gratitude for the living Spirit of humanity.

Participants List

62 Artists from 22 Countries 



03) Ugwuoha Clarius June 3,2005
36) Maria ELena June 13,2005

02) Olivier Urbain June 2, 2005
08) Guido Vermulen June 5,2005
24) Liza Leyla June 9,2005
31) Guy De Boeck June 11,2005

48) Emmanuel Fonyuy S July 19, 2005

06) Lyn X (Lynette) June 5,2005
14) Gabriela Lasko June 6,2005
21) Bob Boxall June 8,2005
23) Serge Ayotte June 8,2005
56) Helga Schleeh July 23, 2005 (Canada)

27) Jacob Kragh June 10,2005

32) Peter Dencker June 12,2005
43) Ulrike M. Dierkes July 14, 2005
58) Bonnie j Gordon July 23, 2005

10) Huma Vachha June 6,2005

11) Lida Sherafatmand June 6,2005

13) Eliana Gilad June 6,2005

59) Aine Scannell July 29, 2005

25) Claudio Parentela June 9,2005

38) Joan Anderson June 24, 2005

22) Rais Neza Boneza June 8,2005

23) Anne Miek   July 22,2005

03) Ugwuoha Clarius June 3,2005

01) Mohammad Iqbal Behleem June 2, 2005
20) Shahnaz Behleem June 8,2005
33) Rabia Naeem June 12,2005
49) Hina Kehkashan Behleem July 19, 2005
52) Allaudin M Bande ALI July 21, 2005

04) Bert Monterona July 4,2005

05) Wang Feng June 5,2005

34) Catalina Ward June 12,2005
40) Marisa Anitonaya July 04, 2005

45) Monika Lilja July 16, 2005

12) Christophe Barbey June 6,2005

07) Rik Palieri June 5,2005
09) Laura Mckinon June 6,2005
16) Frances Key Jacksonville 6,2005
17) Leigh Golterman June 7,2005
18) Linda Ipsen June 8,2005
26) Jill Friedman-Giyana June 9,2005
28) Misa Kelly June 10,2005
29) Patricia C. Coleman June 11,2005
35) Frances Key June 13,2005
37) Art Goodtimes June 24, 2005
39) Rev. Harriett Walden June 26, 2005
41) Steve Suffet July 13, 2005
42) dotwav July 14, 2005
44) Valentine Doyle July 15, 2005
46) Lisa Iris July 17, 2005
47) JAH KINGS July 18, 2005
19) Lily Haggerty June 8,2005
15) Luiza Brown June 6,2005
50) Storm No Nukes Prayer July 20, 2005
51) Martha  July 20,2005
54) Chiquita Biddle July 22, 2005
62) Jill Karlin Butler Jul 22, 2005
55) Glenna Mayer July 22, 2005
57) Pat Lamanna July 23, 2005
58) Eric Levine July 24,2005
60) Barbara & Graham Dean July 29, 2005
61) Kristen  August 9, 2005
62) Jill Karlin Butler July 22, 2005


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