Peace Song Light of Peace.

The music of this peace song is composed and sung by Muhammad Iqbal Behleem using Marie Cammal lyrics from France/Cambodia.

This song is also a part of Behleem's peace music project, "Universal Peace Ambassadors Album " in 2005.

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I am making peace songs with all my friends from around the world as one of my projects to promote peace through music.

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Peace Song - Light of Peace

Light of Peace

I feel the world around me
Strange as ever
children are bearing
the unbearable in a strange world
where they have to perform
work they have to accomplish
night without sleep
day without care
month without love
growing wild without safety
i fell the world is loose
loose of the last battle
loose of proper love
loose of imagination
where is the world of peace
where children can move
where children can play
where their life are safe
from war and persecution
from lost and abandon
from adults who aren't concerned
safety, care and love towards
the children of the world
who came without asking
arrived in the earth without knowing
living without food
growing without love
thriving and suffering
where can they find their world?
where can they get their freedom?
freedom to grow and play
freedom to talk and learn
freedom, only freedom to eat and share
freedom to receive medical care
to be cared and not deprived
they are too small to understand the your world
too small to work and endure
they need space and calm
to learn about life
to prepare themselves
to build a better world
where life will be their
where space of time will be given to them
space of peace and reconciliation
reconciliation and hope
for the rest of the world
world of stability and reality
reality of good human nature
nature to be respected
children to be understood

take a time to look at them
they will bring you the light of peace
peace, dignity and equity
listen to their voices

Marie Cammal Universal Peace Ambassador-Cambodia.

Marie Cammal     
Sok Sabay was established by Marie Cammal, a nurse from France,
who was recognized by Time Europe Magazine, as a Hero of 2004.
Ms. Cammal now has 40 children in her care for whom she provides housing,
education and nurturing, along with medical and psychological care.At Sok Sabay,children who have known nothing but violence and abuse are given a
chance to find friendship and warmth,
 and eventually to discover happiness and love.,
Ms. Cammal and Sok Sabay will continue to provide the children of Cambodia hope and a renewed life.


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