Peace Song Twin Brothers.

The music of this peace song is composed and sung by Muhammad Iqbal Behleem using Dr Ashok Chakravarthy lyrics from India.

This song is also a part of Behleem's peace music project, "Universal Peace Ambassador's Peace music Album " in 2005.

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I am making peace songs with all my friends from around the world as one of my projects to promote peace through music.

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Like twin-brothers
With peace endeavors,
If two neighbors, 
With renewed fervor 
Join hands forever;
Nations both shall prosper
With common frontiers,
Setting aloof all fears
Sharing each-others tears. 
Like twin-brothers 

The bond of amity should shower
Both from Indo-Pak hearts, forever
Yes, let the bond of love and peace
Glow in every heart at every place.
Lo! If we become peace messengers 
Borders are devoid of all dangers; 
With new pacts and wise thoughts
Together, a new chapter let us script.
Yes, forget the nightmarish memories
To cherish a host of new stories. 
Like twin-brothers 

We ought to ignite a peace spark
To foresee prosperous Indo-Pak,
The spark should erase the era dark
To become a distinct landmark. 
Yes, love is life, also a delight
Friendship is right, also is great; 
Yes, from New Delhi to Lahore
Let the river of peace flow ashore 
Yes, let us pledge to live in harmony
Let us vow to live without fears, any. 
Like twin-brothers 

 Dr Ashok Chakravarthy

Ashok Chakravarthy
is a poet hailing from India,
Universal Peace Ambassador


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