Peace Song A Bridge of Peace.

The music of this peace song is composed and sung by Muhammad Iqbal Behleem using DrAda A Haroni lyrics from Israel, 21 Sept. 2005

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A Bridge of Peace

My Muslim sister, daughter of Abraham like me,
Let us build a sturdy bridge
From your olive world to mine,
From my orange world to yours,
Above the boiling pain of acid rain prejudice -
And hold human hands high
Full of free stars of twinkling peace

I do not want to be your oppressor
You do not want to be my oppressor,
Or your jailer, or my jailer,
We do not want to make each other afraid
Under our vines and under our fig trees
Blossoming on a silvered horizon
Above the bruising and the bleeding
Of poisoned gases and scuds.

So, my Arab sister, let us build a strong bridge of
Jasmine understanding
Where each shall sit with her baby
Under her vine and under her fig tree -
And none shall make them afraid


Dr.Ada Aharoni is a Founder of FLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace, which was founded in Israel, in 1999. Its world center is in Haifa, in the North of Israel, a city of co-existence of Jews, Moslems and Christians.Dr. Ada Aharoni is the founder and editor of the electronic magazine Pave Peace Through Literature and Culture. This magazine was conceived during a discussion of the IPRA "Peace Through Literature Commission", within a larger conference in Queens land, Australia, called "Building Nonviolent Futures." Dr. Ada Aharoni was born in Cairo, Egypt. She now resides in Israel, where she writes poems, historical novels and biographies. She also lectures about the "Chances of Peace" between Israel and Palestine, and is co-president of The Bridge, a Women's association for peace. She was awarded the 100 Global Heroines Award in Rochester (New York).

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